Can You Really Buy an Aristocratic Title?

Great historic titles are often awarded for outstanding service, perhaps on the battlefield or in government. Some of the most prestigious titles may even have been inherited without any effort or achievement. But almost as long as there have been aristocratic and royal titles in existence, people have wondered whether they might be able to simply buy one.

What is an Aristocratic Title?

There is no real clear-cut way to explain an aristocratic title, because it depends on which country we are referring to. In some places in the world, such as Rome and India, aristocratic status derives from a military background. In general, an aristocrat is a person who is considered the highest-ranking in social class. In terms of hierarchy, those with an aristocratic title are just below the monarch of a country or nation. Historically aristocratic titles were hereditary, and in some cases still are. However they can be appointed, earned or, thanks to us, bought!

Do I Have to Earn an Aristocratic Title?

If we were in ancient Greece, you could earn an aristocratic title by joining and leading the army’s front line. But we’re not. Which is lucky, because instead, you can legally buy a German aristocratic title with us. Our titles work in line with UK and International Laws, which state that we all have the right to call or name ourselves whatever we wish. The only restrictions in place are those against using different names for fraudulent purposes.

The UK has a unique history when it comes to aristocracy, and it has evolved enormously over the years. Originally all members of the highest tier of the aristocracy were members of the House of Lords. However, this changed in the 1990’s, when most concluded their membership. At this point the Duke of Norfolk, who serves as the hereditary peer Lord Great Chamberlain, retained membership, and soon, non-hereditary “life peers” had been created.

These non-hereditary life peers automatically became members of the House of Lords and were, from thereon out, known by their title. Nevertheless, no matter how many changes are made, the only true members of the aristocracy are those who are born into it, knights or members of the landed gentry families. This is completely different for the continental untitled nobility, which is in fact recognised legally for their position in the aristocracy.

Why Should I Purchase an Aristocratic Title?

Wherever you are in the world, including the UK, a German aristocratic title will provide benefits. It is impossible to purchase a British peerage title, as it would breach the Honours (Preventions of Abuses) Act 1925, but our German aristocratic titles are 100% legal. This is because we have the right to name or call ourselves anything we like, under UK and International Law. This means you can hold our German aristocratic titles, so long as it is not for fraudulent purposes.

There are many reasons why people buy aristocratic titles, but it is primarily because they believe it will help them achieve more, or benefit from greater respect in life. For example, the majority of our customers receive privileged treatment and are favoured in places such as golfing resorts, yacht clubs, and helicopter facilities. A secondary reason is for the amusement of being able to surprise people with your new, impressive aristocratic title.

What Does It Mean to Have an Aristocratic Title?

In past centuries, royals had a vast amount of political power, which far exceeded (with only a few exceptions) what they have today. Nowadays we rely on our Prime Minister and the House of Lords, made up of aristocrats. Having a German aristocratic title comes with responsibility and power, as you are automatically respected for your new position in life once you are a holder. For some people, it is just great fun – getting friends to call you by your new title and ordering new business cards to display your new name, but for others, it has a greater meaning; one that provides confidence and life-long advantages!