Historical studies of the ages are packed full of stories, facts and figures about the world’s royals and their families. 

The great royal legends and famous achievements make the headlines and the history books, becoming common knowledge in the minds of ordinary people everywhere. 

Yet, the many generations of kings and queens, princes and princesses are made up of many diverse personalities, individual characteristics and unique family sagas. 

So, some of the most unusual or notable details about the royals of the world come from the more trivial facts and insights, rather than the headline-grabbing achievements. 

Here are some of the most interesting fun facts and royal trivia from the many lives and stories of royals around the world

Record-Breaking Reigns

The royals of the world are renowned for their long lives and longevity. In recent years, we have witnessed some impressive tenures of the world’s kings and queens. For example, the King of Thailand, who reigned for over 70 years. The Queen of England famously celebrated her Platinum Jubilee in 2021 and lived to be an impressive 96 years old. Yet the prize for Longest-Reigning Monarch belongs to King Louis XIV of France who reigned for over 72 years. 

Royal Cousins

Did you know that King George of England V of England was the cousin of Tsar Nicholas II? Or that King Ludwig II of Bavaria was the cousin of the famous Sisi, Empress of Austria? Or that Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and his wife Queen Elizabeth II had the same great-great-grandmother – Queen Victoria – making them third cousins? The practice of royal families choosing marriage candidates from other royal families of the world means that there are some fascinating connections that link many of the great royal houses with their neighbouring monarchs and relations. 

Regal Pastimes

While the role of king or queen may be more of a 24/7 role than a 9-5 job, the royals of the ages have still managed to enjoy some time for hobbies and pastimes during their busy reigns. For example, Queen Victoria of England was a keen and talented artist, with some of her charming drawings providing a delightful behind-the-scenes peek of Victorian royal living. But the most prolific and talented king is perhaps Wajid Ali Shah, the last of the great Persian Nawabs, who was believed to write dozens of books during his lifetime, and even insisted on penning the manuscripts himself. 

King Wajid Ali Shah, the last of the great Persian Nawabs
King Wajid Ali Shah, the last of the great Persian Nawabs

From King To Duke

Many of the great legends of history tell the story of a rise to power, ascending through the royal ranks and achieving the ultimate regal status – that of king or queen. Yet there are a few occasions when the most interesting tales reflect a reversal of the usual path to fortune. One such example is the case of King Edward VIII of England, who was the Crown Prince for much of his life – set to inherit the throne of Great Britain, one of the most famous and prestigious monarchies of modern times. Yet this rare king was to swap his crown for a quieter life with his chosen wife, a twice-divorced American woman called Wallis Simpson. In this famous abdication, Edward VIII went from being the King of England to the Duke of Windsor – the title granted to him as a gift for his new pared-back royal role. 

The Richest Royals

The realms of royals and nobles are renowned for their dazzling displays of wealth and opulence. Throughout the ages, the royal and imperial families of the world have inspired and captivated ordinary people everywhere with their lavish lifestyles, luxurious transportation and vast palaces. But who are the richest royals of modern times? The net worth of any royal family is subject to some fluctuations (and privacy), but it’s believed that the House of Saud is the wealthiest royal family in the world, with its comprised fortune estimated to be almost $2 trillion. 

Can A Duke Be Royal? 

It’s a little-known tidbit of royal trivia that dukes can indeed be royal. The title of duke is customarily regarded as the top rank within the aristocracy, which is traditionally an elite social class but not classed as royalty. However, there is such a thing as a Royal Duke and this unusual title belongs to some of the most famous royal figures of modern times. For example, did you know that Prince Philip was a Royal Duke? Or King Charles III and both of his brothers? They bear the royal titles of Duke of Cornwall (King Charles), Duke of Kent (Prince Edward) and Duke of York (Prince Andrew). These royal dukes are granted a higher ranking within the order of precedence than all the other dukes, i.e. the non-royal dukes. 

Will Princess Charlotte Be The Next Princess Royal? 

It’s long been the custom within the British Royal Family for the eldest daughter of the monarch to receive the title of Princess Royal. The current holder of this esteemed title is Princess Anne, who was granted the title from her mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, while she was the reigning monarch. The current monarch, King Charles III, has no daughters, and so there is no issue with the title for the current generation. However, when Prince William becomes king, his daughter Charlotte will be the eldest daughter of the reigning monarch – so will she inherit the title of Princess Royal? Not necessarily. It’s a little-known fact that the title of Princess Royal is granted for life, meaning that Princess Anne will hold her title, even if her nephew William becomes king and his daughter becomes the new candidate for the title. So, while Princess Charlotte may outrank her great-aunt, she will have to wait until the death of Princess Anne before she can become the new Princess Royal. 

The intricacies of royal protocol and the ancient traditions inherited from generations of monarchies means that there are a great many fascinating facts about the world’s royal families and their members, as well as their official royal titles and status within the hierarchy. 

It’s not just the characters themselves that make the realm of royalty such a captivating topic, as these curious details and intriguing nuances make for a rich collection of royal trivia.