Lord & Lady Titles

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Join the noble ranks of the Lords & Ladies of Europe

Welcome to The Grand Dukedom of Pomerania and Livonia , where you can fulfil your dream of joining the ranks of nobles and aristocrats with a genuine title of nobility.

Imagine becoming an authentic German Lord or Prussian Lady of the Manor, taking your seat in the historic realm of European nobility.

With this exclusive offering, you can become a part of history and secure for your family a place in the aristocracy of Europe. You can even take your loved ones to visit the seated land in Eastern Prussia that is included in your new Lordship or Ladyship title.

You will also be doing your bit for future generations, as our titles are part of an inspiring tree-planting initiative that contributes to reforestation within Eastern Europe.

Become a Royal Lord or Lady of Pomerania and Livonia

(Edler von Pommern und Livonien in German)

When you choose a Lady or Lord title from us, you’re receiving an ancient German Royal Title.

Originating from the medieval ages, it comes with the complimentary extra appointment of Captain of the Lancers of Pomerania and Livonia and Knight or Lady of the Sacred and Military Order of Merit of Pomerania and Livonia.

genuine title of nobility with ornate medal

The luxury Royal Title pack owners receive with their Lord or Lady title includes an official title deed, and will also come with the exquisite and sophisticated blue and gold Medal of Merit of Livonia, the Livonian Blue Max.

Our Royal Title packs are beautifully presented, and this fun and novel product also makes the perfect gift to grant a lordship title or the female equivalent to a loved one, friend or colleague.

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Please note: each title includes one medal, and sword is for illustration only. 

What’s included with a Lordship or Ladyship title?

Here’s what’s included with your Lord or Lady title:

• Title deeds

This is the core value of your purchase, the title deeds that enable you to become a genuine Lord or Lady, along with the official paperwork for your new status.

• Presentation Pack

As part of your new role as a member of the nobility, you receive an exquisite Presentation Pack that includes legal documents and guides.

• Seated Land in Eastern Prussia

Each Lord and Lady title includes ownership of part of the ancient woodlands in Eastern Prussia.

• A Contribution to Reforestation

Your love of history can benefit the future for all of us, as your purchase includes a contribution to our reforestation project and environmental initiatives.

the blackforest woodland in germany

Becoming a Lord or Lady

Whether in fiction or in real life, who hasn’t heard exciting stories of the lifestyles of Lords and Ladies and experienced a little bit of envy.

Mixing with the royal family, enjoying the high life and VIP treatment – who wouldn’t want to be a Lady or a Lord?

Whether you’re drawn to the lavish European Lordships, the famous English characters holding a Lord of the Manor title, or perhaps the historic Scottish lord titles, the appeal of Lord and Lady titles has enjoyed an enduring appeal for many centuries.

These aristocratic ranks are part of the nobility and the upper levels of society and enjoy the kind of lifestyle you would expect, so it’s only natural that we might wonder, “Can I become a Lord or Lady, and if so, how?”

historic manor house on scottish land

Buying a Lordship or Ladyship

For those who are wanting to acquire Lord and Lady titles, The Grand Dukedom of Pomerania and Livonia presents the perfect opportunity.

The hereditary title of Lord or Lady of Pomerania and Livonia can be yours, simply by clicking the button below.

This touch of aristocratic elegance is the ultimate possession for those who desire and deserve to be part of the nobilities of Europe.

The title of Lord or Lady may be for you, your partner or spouse, or a friend or colleague – the endless enchantment of becoming a Lord or Lady is something everybody will enjoy, as our noble titles, with their luxury Letters Patent, are a very special gift to receive, and a veritable pleasure to own.

Celebrate the incredible feeling of becoming a Lord or Lady and possessing something exclusive and special that not many have.

If you want to become a Lord or Lady, why not do so with an added touch of luxury?

If you can afford and deserve the very best, and you’re the kind of individual who recognises truly outstanding opportunities when they present themselves, our titles are the perfect accompaniment to the success of those who strive for unparalleled sophistication.

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The benefits of becoming a Lord or Lady

Become a part of history

Our noble titles are a piece of living history, originating from the Grand Dukedom of Pomerania and Livonia. When you become a lord or lady, you join the rich lineage of feudal nobles in Germany and Prussia.

Environmental Benefits

You can feel good that your purchase of a Lord or Lady title is doing good in the world, contributing to the very woodlands that are a part of the ancient and noble forests of Germany and Prussia.

Elevate your social status

Your new aristocratic status will open up a whole new world of prestigious benefits. Expect more social invitations, peer esteem and even new business opportunities. These benefits can also be passed onto your ancestors as your title becomes an investment for generations to come.

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Famous Lords and Ladies

• Lord Byron
This historic English lord was a popular poet and wordsmith – a classic example of how the nobility of the ages have shaped the cultures of our time.

• Lord Alan Sugar
Just one of many famous Lords who has elevated his status to a noble standard through his lifetime’s work and achievements in the business world.

• German Lords of History
The history of Europe features many notable German Lords who became part of the rich tapestry of German culture and politics, such as the legendary Burkhard I, Lord of Zollern, the founder of the famous House of Hohenzollern.

castle hohenzollern on hill

How to become a Lord or Lady: The Step-by-step Process

Becoming a lord or lady is as simple as the following easy steps;

1. Select your title. Choose whether you wish to purchase a Lord title, a Lady title, or both.

2. Submit your details. Complete the simple, user-friendly form, making sure your details are correct.

3. Complete your purchase. Make your payment securely online. Your payment will secure your Lord or Lady title and the accompanying land.

4. Receive your Title Pack. Your beautiful presentation pack will be dispatched to you, complete with the official documents, such as the land deed and title certificate.

5. Begin your new life as a bona fide noble Lord or Lady!

honorific title lord of the manor house garden

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these titles legal and genuine?

Yes, these are official and legitimate titles of nobility, granted by the Grand Dukedom of Pomerania and Livonia.

Is land ownership included?

Yes, this is not merely a courtesy title – your title pack includes land in the territories of Eastern Prussia, near the Natural Reserve of Bialowieza, located in the border of Poland and Belarus.

Are there any extra hidden costs?

No, this is a one-time purchase. With a single payment, you receive your genuine Lordship or Ladyship title and can begin your new life as an official member of the historic nobility of Europe.

See what you receive…

This is a thrilling opportunity to be a part of history, protect our planet for the future, and enjoy a wealth of lifestyle upgrades in the present.

Contact us now to begin your journey to noble living with a new Lord or Lady title.