In any collection of people, there are likely to be some notable characters who stand out from the core, due to their colorful personality, their impressive successes, their unusual behavior, or their scandalous dramas. 

The collection of royals throughout the ages is no exception. The kings and queens of the world, along with their royal families and courtiers, may appear to be above the normal human quirks that we expect to find in ordinary people, yet various royal characters have lived noteworthy lives or left memorable legacies that tell the story of their unique characters. 

From the medieval virgin queen whose steeliness defeated an armada, to the modern royal princesses who make headlines with their words and deeds, here are some of the captivating and colorful characters from royalty around the world. 

Colourful Royal Characters From Around The World:

Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I is one of the most famous of England’s queens. 

Her legacy is one of England’s most successful reigns, and she was regarded as a vital champion of peace and unity after the trauma of The Reformation. 

She is also remembered fondly by British historians as the force behind the victory over the Spanish Armada in the 16th century. 

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Nicholas II Last Tsar Of Russia

His Imperial Highness, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia was perhaps most notable for his role in history than for his personality. 

Widely regarded as unsuitable for the demanding role of an Imperial Russian Tsar, the tragic story of Nicholas II and his family makes for one of the saddest tales in royal history. 

His imperial reign was to be the last in a long and historic line of Russian Tsars and Tsarinas, ending with a brutal assassination at the hands of revolutionaries. 

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King Henry VIII Of England

King Henry VIII is perhaps one of the most famous kings of all time. 

His scandalous refusal to bow to the rules of the Catholic Church set in motion events that would change the lives of millions around the world and the face of Christianity forever. 

He is also legendary by virtue of his many wives and their various fates that gave rise to the popular rhyme; Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived. 

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Marie Antoinette, Queen Of France

The infamous French Queen is widely credited with the quote, ‘Let them eat cake’, as a reflection of her dismissal of public disorder in the years of the French Revolution. 

Portrait of Marie Antoinette, 1775 – After Jean-Baptiste André Gautier-Dagoty, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

While history has shown that it’s likely she never uttered these famous words, her legacy as one of the most glamorous yet tragic queens of all time is assured. 

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Princess Mako Of Japan

Princess Mako is a thoroughly modern princess who is quietly modeling the character trait of many royals before her – that of choosing to go her own way, in spite of tradition, heritage, expectation and social pressure. 

Her story is one of independence and love of the quiet life, away from the glare of media attention and regal duties. She has chosen to step away from her place within the Japanese Imperial Family for a life more ordinary in America, with the husband she selected from outside of the customary royal or aristocratic social groups. 

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Princess Grace Of Monaco

Perhaps one of the most famous princesses of modern times, Princess Grace of Monaco famously swapped the life of a Hollywood film star for the palaces and royal duties of the Monaco Royal Family. 

Her televised wedding to Prince Rainier III of Monaco delighted millions around the world, as the glamourous American actress became a royal princess against the backdrop of one of the most desirable places on earth – the French Riviera and the millionaire’s playground, Monte Carlo. 

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Earl Of Wessex

The historic title of Earl of Wessex was granted to the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II of England, upon his marriage in 1999. 

Prince Edward, one of the quieter royal characters during the 20th century, was granted the title as a wedding gift from his mother the monarch, as has been the custom within the British Royal Family. 

However, this title broke with tradition by using the rank of Earl, rather than the customary rank of Duke, as part of a bigger plan for even greater royal titles in the future. 

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Prince Fazza Of Dubai

Prince Fazza, or to use his full title; Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, is the Crown Prince of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

As the heir to one of the wealthiest and most powerful states in the Middle East, it’s not surprising that Prince Fazza is the subject of media attention and public interest across the globe. 

His lavish living and royal lifestyle do not disappoint his fans around the world who enjoy a vicarious taste of the rich life of an Arabian Crown Prince. 

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HRH Camilla, Queen Consort Of The United Kingdom

The wife of King Charles III of Great Britain is one of the most captivating stories of ordinary people rising to astonishing heights within royal ranks. 

Her public life began as the infamous third member of the marriage between the then Prince of Wales (now King Charles III) and his wife, Princess Diana. 

This famous love story has a happy ending, however, with the royal couple now married and reigning together in one of the most prestigious monarchies of history. 

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These are just a few of the many colorful and captivating characters from royalty around the world – the kings and queens, the princes and princesses who have entertained people everywhere with their unique approach to royal life on the world stage.