After a very public retreat from official duties within the British Royal Family, the status of Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, has been the subject of much media and online interest. 

Is Prince Harry Still A Prince? 

Prince Harry is still regarded as a royal prince, yet his current official title is the Duke of Sussex. 

His wife, Meghan holds the official title of Duchess of Sussex. 

When the couple made the highly controversial decision to step away from their royal duties, they lost their HRH (His/Her Royal Highness) status. 

Is Harry A Prince Or A Duke? 

Prince Harry is both a prince and a duke. In a similar way, though under different circumstances, Prince Harry’s uncle, Prince Andrew is also a prince and a duke – his official styling is the Duke of York. 

Similarly, Prince Harry’s other uncle, Prince Edward, is titled as the Earl of Wessex, so he is both a royal prince and an earl. 

Throughout the history of royalty, it is not uncommon for a high-ranking member of a historic royal family to hold a range of titles, such as prince, duke, earl, count etc…

The custom is usually for the individual to adopt the highest-ranking title as their official title, yet these secondary titles can sometimes be called upon to use instead of the title of prince, for example. This is the case for a number of the royal princes of the British Royal Family. 

Is Harry Still His Royal Highness? 

Within many royal families, the HRH styling is both historic and symbolic, it also carries with it a complex system of official applications as well as some adaptations by the reigning monarch. 

Within the British Royal Family, HRH i.e. His Royal Highness or Her Royal Highness, has come to represent a high-ranking member of the royal family. The title has customarily been granted to the children of a king or queen, and sometimes to the grandchildren of the king or queen. 

When Prince Harry was born, he was styled as HRH Prince Harry. And even though his new wife Meghan Markle was not styled as Princess Meghan, she was granted the HRH styling of HRH Duchess of Sussex. 

Prince Harry and Meghan

These HRH references conferred on the couple a certain standing and status within the royal family. It usually indicates a significant place in the line of succession, as well as commanding a high degree of esteem within royal circles and around the world. 

When Prince Harry and his wife Meghan opted to step down from official royal duties, one of the effects of their decision was the loss of their HRH titles. This has been the source of great controversy and internal debate, which gives a sense of just how important the HRH styling can be. 

For example, Prince Harry’s mother, the late Princess Diana, was also stripped of her HRH status in her divorce from the then Prince of Wales, Prince Charles. This detail of the divorce arrangement was again the source of a great deal of discussion, debate and disappointment for the late princess, who was the mother of the future king but was denied the HRH status.  

Are Prince Harry’s Children Royal? 

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, when Prince Harry’s father Charles became king, the status of Prince Harry’s children was clarified as Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. 

These formal references were shared on the website of the British Royal Family, which displays the current line of succession to the British throne.

While the children of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are formally regarded as a prince and princess of the British Royal Family, like their parents, they do not hold the HRH titles or status. This is a reflection of their parents’ decisions to step back from their previous roles as high-ranking members of the monarchy.  

Why Is Prince Harry Famous? 

The famous royal princes of Europe have long been a source of intrigue and fascination for both historians and ordinary people alike. 

The status of a prince typically enjoys close proximity to the kings and queens of the ages, along with great wealth and privilege, making them captivating characters on the world stage.  

The princes of the British Royal Family have long been the subject of intense fascination and public scrutiny. From the early days of the press to the modern media of today, the lives and dramas of England’s royal princes have been followed by many around the world. 

Prince Harry – Son Of The King

Ever since his birth to the then Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, the public interest in Prince Harry has been intense and relentless. This is not surprising, given the places he has held in the line of succession to the historic and world-famous British monarchy. 

To be born as the second son of the heir to the throne was a unique responsibility, and it’s a position that the prince himself has claimed to be a mixed blessing. 

As the young Prince Harry grew up under the media spotlight, his challenges and activities have made headlines around the world. Perhaps the most poignant and revealing image is the picture of a grieving young boy following the coffin of his mother through the streets of London. 

This highly public display of both grief and royal duty is an example of the pressures and conflicts of the demands of royal roles that have played out repeatedly in the young prince’s life. 

The status of Prince Harry in his new role as a ‘retired royal’ has raised many questions about the official titles within the British Royal Family – both what they mean for the individuals, and what these rules and regulations mean for the monarchy as a whole. 

While many applaud the couple’s bold and brave decision to prioritise the safety and wellbeing of their family, even at great personal cost, there are others who believe their actions and decisions have been damaging to the monarchy. 

Whatever the future holds for the Duke and Duchess and his family, it’s likely that the monarchy of Great Britain will weather this storm and controversy, as it has so many times before, and endure for generations to come.