The Livonia Estate

livonia estate pine trees in snow

The Kaliety – Borzakow Estate is 9 miles south of Kaliety, Grodno Region, by the perimeter of the Bialowieza Forest Area, near the borders of Poland, Lithuania and Belarus.

Welcome to The Livonia Estate

This beautiful and historic noble estate is a protected area under the status of a national park, by the Belarusian side.

This area belonged to the historical region called Eastern Prussia and was Feudal Land for more than 1000 Years, in the historical Lordship of Borzakow.

“Bialowieza” means “White Tower” in Polish. 

Your Souvenir Plot of Seated Land

Each Title Pack comes with 9 Square Feet of dedicated land within our 93 Acres State.

This is a heavily forested area, with a very rich flora and fauna, including 600 year old Oaks, 350 year old Pines, and 250 year old Spruces, up to 50 m high.

Among the fauna, you can find European Bisons, Red Deer, Wild Boar and Wolves.

The weather is extreme, with very cold winters.

This area is a strict protection area, in order to protect the uniqueness of the forest.

In 2014 the cross-border territory of the World Heritage Site , Unesco, with a full area of 142000 hectares and a defense zone of 167000 hectares was designated as “Białowieża Forest, Belarus, Poland”.


Where are the plots of land?

The plot of dedicated land attached to your new royal title is located in the territories of Eastern Prussia, near the Natural Reserve of Bialowieza, specifically in the Bialowieza Forest, nowadays located in the border of Poland and Belarus.

It’s possible for you and your family to visit the land, and we provide full details of each plot are given after purchase.

These plots are small allocations – 3 x 3 feet in size – so they cannot be filed in property registers, and since they are in a preservation area, it is not possible to build on this land.

Yet these plots are inheritable, so you can pass on this noble and tangible asset to future generations.

Become a noble landowner today

Secure your very own piece of the beautiful and historic Livonia Estate with your investment in a new royal title.

Your purchase will elevate your family’s status for generations to come, as well as helping to protect the nature and wildlife of Eastern Prussia.