When it comes to baby names for boys, the world of royals and nobles is a natural source of inspiration. 

Throughout history, parents have turned to the realm of kings, princes and aristocrats for ideas of names to call their newborns. 

In the past, calling a child after a monarch or member of the royal family was often done as a mark of respect, a sign of their allegiance to the sovereign and the monarchy. 

In some countries, this is still the case, with many devoted royal subjects naming their children in honour of their kings and queens. 

Yet, there are also occasions when parents are simply seeking regal-sounding or unusual names to christen their child, and the kings and princes of history provide a rich source of ideas and inspiration. 

Here are some of the many royal names for boys, from the classic and traditional examples that have been popular for centuries, to the more modern names that are typical of 21st-century tastes. There are even some royal names that have been regarded as traditional examples for centuries, yet are currently enjoying a revival as a new generation of young princes makes them popular once again. 

Traditional Royal Names For Boys

Some of the most well-known royal names for boys are represented by the current cohort of the British Royal Family. This age-old institution is famous for opting for the traditional royal names of history, usually those of great kings and princes of previous generations. 

• Charles 

The name of the current king is a classic royal name for boys and has been the name of many great kings throughout the ages, both in England and around the world. There are also international variations that include Carl and Carlos. 

• William

Another popular name for English kings and princes, as well as the name of the current heir to the British throne. 

• Henry

This is the given name of Prince Harry who was christened Henry, which is a classic British name that has been represented through royal history for centuries. There are also a number of other princes soured the world who share this name or international spellings and variations such as Henri and Henrik.

• George

In the fine tradition of naming royal princes after great kings, the eldest son of Prince William, Prince of Wales, is the young Prince George. His popularity and his position in the line of succession is likely to make this already popular boy’s name even more appealing to many new parents. An alternative spelling from around the world is Georg, which is the name of another royal prince, Prince Georg of Liechtenstein. 

Prince George meeting the Obamas

• Louis

The much-loved youngest child of the current heir to the British throne bears a name more popular with French kings than English ones. It’s one of the most popular names appearing in the royal history of France. It’s also the name of another young European prince, Prince Louis of Luxembourg. 

• Andrew

This is another traditional royal name and is popular throughout Europe. It’s also the name of the patron saint of Scotland. 

• Edward

The late Queen Elizabeth’s youngest son was named after a tradition of great English kings. Edward is also popular in a number of the royal families of Europe. The variations such as Ted or Eddie have made this an enduring choice for baby names for boys. 

• Philip

The late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was one of the most enduring characters of recent royal history. His name has been a popular choice for royals throughout the ages, and is still often found in the monarchies of Europe, usually with spelling variations, for example, Prince Philipp of Liechtenstein, King Philippe of Belgium, and King Felipe of Spain.

Popular Prince Names From Around The World

Beyond the British Royal Family and their namesakes, there’s a wealth of inspiration for royal baby names in the current cohort of modern European princes

Here are some of the popular prince names that are often found in the various monarchies of the world. 

• Oscar

• Gabriel 

• Julien 

• Nicholas / Nikolai / Nikolaus

• Frederik

• Christian

• Vincent  

• Joaquim 

• Felix 

• Emmanuel

• Laurent 

• Amadeo

• Joseph 

• Maximilian

• Alexander 

• Guillaume

• Sebastian 

• Jacques 

• Albert 

• Constantin

• Alois

Double-Barrel First Names

If there aren’t any single names that seem quite right for your new baby boy, perhaps you could follow in the footsteps of many royal parents and give your child a double name. 

Here are some examples of double-barrel first names from European royalty. 

• Josef-Emmanuel (Prince of Liechtenstein)  

• Hans-Adam (Prince of Liechtenstein) 

• Willem-Alexander (King of Netherlands)

• Carl Gustav (King of Sweden)

Modern Prince Names For Boys

Traditional names are an enduring choice for royal parents, yet there are increasingly more modern names making the list of new princes. 

One notable example is the son of the royal rebel Prince Harry. 

• Archie 

Currently sixth in the line of succession to the British throne, Prince Archie – full name Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor – is something of a break from tradition when it comes to royal baby names. It’s believed to be a less formal version of the name Archibald, which is a popular name within the English aristocracy. 

Alternative Royal & Noble Names For Boys

While there is a rich collection of traditional and contemporary regal names for boys, a modern trend is to use royal and noble titles as first names – for the ultimate royal reference. 

Here are some titles from the realm of royalty and the nobility that are sometimes used as Christian names. 

• Prince

If the names of princes don’t quite suit, why not go straight for the princely title? This choice was made popular by the late pop star Michael Jackson who named his eldest son Prince in 1997. 

• Duke

An iconic title from the world of nobles and a bold choice for a modern boy’s name. 

• Baron 

This name also calls to mind the great nobles of history and would surely be an inspiring name to live up to. 

The vast range of royal names for boys encompasses some iconic characters from history and some popular contemporary royals – names that are imbued with regal stature and historic gravitas. 

Whether you prefer ancient or modern, traditional or quirky, the world of royalty is an inspiring starting point when considering the perfect name for your little prince.