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The Exclusive Dream of Becoming a Viscount or Viscountess

Throughout the centuries that the title of Viscount has existed, there have been many famous holders of these noble ranks.

From the flamboyant French viscounts to members of the British Royal Family and even the odd Prime Minster or two, the title of Viscount or Viscountess is sometimes overlooked as it is often combined with other noble ranks, such as Dukes and Earls.

This gives this ‘rare’ title a certain mystique and appeal that makes it even more interesting – just like those who have held the title throughout its long history – which makes the attraction of becoming a Viscountess or Viscount, and enjoying the kind of lifestyle that comes with it, something many of us will have dreamed of.

Until now, only a fortunate few knew the secret to making this dream a reality.

But now this secret is available to you, and if you wish to become a Viscount or Viscountess and join an exclusive group of people who enjoy this ancient noble status, you need only click the button below.

Become a Royal Viscount or Viscountess of Pomerania and Livonia

(BurgGraf von Pommern und Livonien in German)
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Your rank of Viscount or Viscountess represents an ancient German royal title – positioned between the ranks of Count and Baron in the noble titles’ hierarchy. It comes with the complimentary extra appointment of Captain of the Lancers of Pomerania and Livonia and Knight or Lady of the Sacred and Military Order of Merit of Pomerania and Livonia.

As with all our packages, your title comes with the beautiful and luxurious blue & gold Medal of Merit of Livonia, the Livonian Blue Max.

What’s included with your new title?

Your purchase of a new noble title includes far more than a token elevation in rank and status.

The titles granted by the Grand Dukedom of Pomerania and Livonia are seated titles, meaning they included a souvenir plot of land – a tangible asset in Eastern Prussia that you can visit with your family.

Your purchase also includes a contribution to our reforestation initiative which helps to preserve the very region where you have become a noble landowner.

And of course, your title includes personalised certificates to mark and honour your new status, all presented in a beautiful Presentation Pack that includes your prestigious Medal of Merit.

Click the arrows to scroll through the images of what’s included in our Viscount and Viscountess title packages.

Please note: each title includes one medal, and sword is for illustration only. 

Viscountess & Viscount Titles for Sale

We are now in a position to offer the most majestic Viscount and Viscountess titles for you to purchase through our website.

If you are someone who demands excellence and the ultimate in luxury, these titles wrap you in a splendour of centuries gone by, and will be something you enjoy and treasure for decades to come.

With our lavish, traditional-looking Letters Patent, Certificate of Authenticity, and supporting documents painstakingly handcrafted for you, even the most demanding of clients have not failed to be impressed with their new title.

Such is the quality of our noble packages that we can confidently say that no other offers come close to the grandeur and exclusivity they offer.

What’s more, this is a hereditary title, meaning it can be passed on to your descendants.

For those who have always longed to join the nobility, one of our Viscount or Viscountess titles will be the epitome of distinction.

Why become a Viscount or Viscountess?

In the traditional aristocratic hierarchy, the title of Viscount, (from the Latin term vicecomes) is regarded as the fourth rank of nobility.

As such, it has been an esteemed and highly respected title throughout the ages, typically granted to the eldest son within a royal or noble family. (In such cases, it was often a courtesy title or non-hereditary title, meaning it would not be passed onto the recipient’s heirs.)

When you purchase a Viscount title today, you can align your family’s future with a rich heritage of honor and aristocratic history that’s been an iconic part of the British nobility and the aristocracy of Europe, even counting the odd prime minister among their numbers.

Or if you are interested in the noble title of Viscountess, you may become the first woman in your family to enjoy aristocratic status and all the many benefits that accompany such elevated social standing.

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How to become a Viscount or Viscountess

In the past, families would strive for generations to join the higher ranks of the aristocracy, but you can fast-track your path to noble status with just a few clicks.

Here’s the process to purchase your new noble title;

1. Make your selection – choose your preferred title(s).

2. Complete the form and submit your details online, taking care with spelling and accuracy as these details will be used in your legal documentation.

3. Pay online using our secure system.

Once processed, your Presentation Pack will be posted out to you, so that you can soon enjoy the benefits of your new aristocratic status!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a genuine title?

Absolutely – our titles of nobility are authentic, legal and officially recognised titles granted through the historic Grand Dukedom of Pomerania and Livonia

What size is the seated land?

Your souvenir plot of land is 3 feet x 3 feet, and it’s located in the beautiful Bialowieza Forest, in Eastern Prussia. The land is reserved for preservation, so cannot be used for building.

Are there any extra costs?

No, there is just one single payment, made securely online, and then you are the legal owner of your chosen noble title.

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See what you receive…

Enjoy the rich rewards and high esteem of this noble rank when you invest in a Viscount or Viscountess title today.

Your purchase will also support the ecological regeneration of the ancient forest lands of Eastern Prussia.