Sir & Dame Titles

Why not become a Sir or Dame?

If you have ever dreamt of becoming a Sir or a Dame, The Grand Dukedom of Pomerania and Livonia now offers the opportunity to make that dream a reality. We have now made it possible to take legal ownership of new title, becoming a Sir or the female equivalent, a Dame. While we can’t make you a member of the royal family, just think of the preferential treatment you could receive when you buy a Knighthood. Simply click the button below to buy a Sir title or become a Dame.

Buy a Knighthood or Damehood

If you are the type of person who desires to be part of the noble elite of Europe, then this is the ideal opportunity to achieve this and obtain a touch of regal elegance. Purchase a knighthood or damehood for yourself or your partner, friends, relatives, or colleagues and you and those around you can enjoy the title of Sir or Dame, complete with our luxury Letters Patent – the perfect gift to yourself and others. Elevate your standing to the level of the famous knight, dame, lord or lady titles of England, the UK and European high society.

If you believe you deserve the best in life and are looking to elevate yourself and others to a more rewarding and luxurious lifestyle, becoming a Sir or Dame of The Grand Dukedom of Pomerania and Livonia could help you achieve all this and more. Join the small minority of people who want and enjoy the finer things in life, and take this outstanding opportunity to achieve a level of unparalleled sophistication that is sure to enhance the personal and business life of those who appreciate this offer.

Royal Sir or Dame of Pomerania and Livonia:

(Herr von Pommern und Livonien in German)

When you choose a Knighthood or Damehood and become a Dame or Sir of The Grand Dukedom of Pomerania and Livonia you will be receiving an ancient German Royal Title. With its medieval origins, it also includes the complimentary additional appointment of Captain of the Lancers of Pomerania and Livonia and Knight or Lady of the Sacred and Military Order of Merit of Pomerania and Livonia. The luxurious package you will receive with your Sir or Dame title will also include the Livonian Blue Max – the beautiful and sophisticated blue and gold Medal of Merit of Livonia.

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