Even though the United States of America has long been a fiercely proud democracy, with no official kings, queens or royal families, there have been a number of women regarded as an American Princess over the last few decades. 

Princess Grace

Perhaps the original American Princess was the famously beautiful actress, Grace Kelly, who was born in Philadelphia and married the Prince of Monaco in 1956. 

Princess Grace of Monaco
Grace Kelly – Princess Grace of Monaco.

Princess Grace captured the hearts of people all around the world with the images from her iconic wedding and her glamourous new life in the luxury palaces of the Riviera. 

As a result of her nuptials, Princess Grace was a legitimate American princess – USA-born and royal by marriage. Yet there have also been women known as an American Princess whose ranks and roles were more honourary than official. 

The American Princess

The First Daughter of the famous American President, Theodore Roosevelt, was widely known as the American Princess.

Alice Roosevelt was a glamourous and highly public figure, often called a socialite, who was famed for her beauty and trend-setting fashions. 

She was undoubtedly celebrity royalty during her life, and American Presidents and their families have been likened to the royal families around the world, certainly ranking among the wealthiest and most powerful of world leaders. 

Yet, in line with the tradition of America’s history of rejecting any kind of formal sovereignty, the Roosevelts weren’t official royals. While Alice Roosevelt may have been known in the media and in the minds of many as the American Princess, she was not officially royal and not a genuine princess. 

How To Become A Princess In America

If even the rich and powerful daughters of presidents can’t claim genuine royal status, is it possible to become a princess in America? 

As the example of Grace Kelly demonstrates, marriage is still a viable way for American women to attain the official rank of Princess. 

A more contemporary example is Meghan Markle, another American-born actress, who married into the British Royal Family in 2018. 

When Meghan Markle married her prince, Prince Harry, the second son of the King of England, Charles II, she became a genuine American Princess and an official member of royalty

Although she is styled as a duchess rather than a princess – she’s known as the Duchess of Sussex rather than Princess Meghan, this is a more modern styling of women’s titles who marry into the royal family.  

Yet her rank at formal events and the position of her children in the line of succession to the English throne are those of an official royal princess. 

So, the route of marriage is still a viable way for American women to become a princess. Yet this is obviously not the most practical option for the vast majority of modern women who dream of enjoying the royal status and historic rank of a princess. 

Fortunately, there is another way for anyone to attain such esteemed regal rank and status, and it’s available for anyone around the world, even those who live in a country without a monarchy, such as the United States of America. 

This little-known route to princess status is the option to purchase a genuine royal title, such as that of a princess, and to adopt the official styling and rank of the relevant title. 

Buying royal titles may sound like a thoroughly modern and commercial approach to such a historic institution, yet the practice of buying and selling official titles has been a part of royal and aristocratic circles for centuries. 

While the business of buying and selling genuine royal and noble titles may be quietly thriving in modern times, it’s true that a title such as that of a princess is still an incredibly rare commodity. Even though these titles are available to be purchased by anyone – of any nationality or background – in reality, titles of such stature and desirability are increasingly hard to find. 

So, while it’s possible for modern women from America – or anywhere – to become a legitimate and genuine princess by purchasing an official royal title, one of the only ways to ensure that the transaction is legal and genuine is to source one of the established and experienced specialist agencies who have been discretely matching titles for sale with the recipients who value them for many years. 

In this way, with due diligence and attention to the various legalities and paperwork, American women can elevate their social rank and join the notable characters before them who have enjoyed the status of a real American princess. 

The Benefits Of Becoming A Princess In America

Many people in America have been captivated by the royals and aristocrats of other countries. Perhaps it’s their historic links to the sovereign nations that helped to found the earliest settlements and colonies. Or perhaps it’s because the system of democracy that rejected a royal family has made the appeal of royalty all that more alluring and intriguing. 

Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that many modern Americans are fascinated with all things royal, including the ranks and roles of princesses. Add to this the rarity of genuine princess titles, and it’s easy to see why becoming a princess in America could lead to a whole range of desirable benefits. 

Just imagine how many doors would open more easily when you’re introduced as a princess. And it’s no secret that the people in charge of high-society events are often keen to include genuine royals on their guest lists. 

So, you can expect these kinds of social, career and business advantages that can open up with a genuine royal title. It’s also easy to imagine more subtle and commonplace benefits, such as extra attention and upgrades when booking travel arrangements or dining out.  

These are just a few ways that becoming a princess in America could be a delightful way to enjoy the finer aspects of life, in the tradition of the most elegant, glamorous and inspiring princesses of history. And given that it’s still possible to take a more modern and go-getter approach to acquiring royal status, the path to becoming a princess is wide open for the women of America.