With the rise of the internet and social media over the last few decades, it seems as though anyone can become a celebrity, with the power to attract press interest, enjoy the privileges of fame and fortune, and receive the adoration of millions of fans. 

The lifestyles of 21st-century celebrities are increasingly comparable to those of the great royals and nobles of the ages. In centuries past, the position of style icon and role model was often the privilege of those in the higher echelons of society – the renowned Dukes and Duchesses, Barons and Baroness or Lords and Ladies

In today’s world, these esteemed roles within society are more often held by sports stars, actresses, teen YouTubers, or millionaire social media sensations. These modern celebrities no longer need social status or noble lineage to command the column inches of the most popular media platforms. 

Yet among the celebrities who claim, or sometimes boast, ordinary backgrounds or humble origins, there are those who can genuinely claim to belong to the traditional social elite, that of royals and aristocrats. 

Celebrity Royalty

While modern society is certainly a much more accessible and inclusive structure than the days of strict class systems and exclusive noble circles, there’s little doubt that the world still loves to follow the lives and adventures of the most glamorous or engaging royals

Perhaps it’s their privileged access to an ancient system of sovereignty and regal power – something that even the most popular or wealthy modern celebrities can’t buy. 

It may also be the connection to centuries of tradition and heritage, or the curious rituals that are still displayed in the pomp and majesty of today’s royal ceremonies. 

Whatever the appeal of these celebrity royals, it’s clear that a high profile position within the social order combined with the glamorous lifestyle enjoyed by the rich and famous is an irresistible combination. 

Here are some of the latest celebrity royals and their families who are reigning supreme in modern culture, captivating people all around the world, at all levels of society.  

Meghan Markle – Duchess Of Sussex

Markle and Prince Harry on Christmas Day 2017 – Mark Jones, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Meghan Markle was a celebrity in her own right even before she met her Prince and rose to royal status. As a rising star in American film and TV, Meghan Markle was already used to the limelight, enjoying a successful career that showed great promise. 

Like many rising stars before her, Meghan’s success as an actress was enhanced by her social media following, online writing and love of beauty and glamour. With all the hallmarks of a modern celebrity, it’s little wonder that this California girl was making a name for herself in her chosen career. 

Yet few actresses, even those enjoying eminent positions at the height of Hollywood royalty, could expect to become such a world-famous celebrity by marrying one of the most eligible bachelors, an English prince in line to the throne of Great Britain. 

When Meghan Markle married Prince Harry of England in 2018, it seemed as though the entire world was watching. Royal weddings have historically been grand, lavish affairs that capture the imagination of all people all around the world and from all levels of society. 

Yet the wedding of Meghan and Harry seemed to take on epic proportions, possibly due to the acting career of the bride, along with her controversial status as a divorcee. The calibre of her new celebrity was suddenly a new level of royal circles and worldwide attention. 

After a picture-perfect, fairy tale wedding at the ancient Windsor Castle in England, the newlyweds embarked on married life as one of the most famous and sought-after couples on the planet. 

In recent years, these celebrity royals have chosen to take a step away from their official duties as high-ranking members of the British Royal Family, focusing on their new life in America and their young family. Their son, Archie, was born in 2019, and his little sister arrived in 2021, given the name Lilibet, in honour of her famous grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II of England. 

Charlotte Casiraghi – Model Princess

While not quite on the level of the new Duchess of Sussex, America’s Meghan Markle, Charlotte Casiraghi is nonetheless a celebrity royal laying claim to one of the most prestigious and ancient royal families of Europe. 

Charlotte is the daughter of Caroline, Princess of Hanover, who is perhaps better known as the daughter of Grace Kelly – the famous Hollywood actress who became the Princess of Monaco when she married Prince Rainier III in 1956, in a spectacular wedding screened all around the world. 

With such a glamorous, beloved and famous grandmother, it’s little wonder that Charlotte would find her way to a celebrity career that enjoyed an eminent position of influence and prestige. Among her thoroughly modern portfolio career credentials, Charlotte has enjoyed success as a model, equestrian and writer, as well as a respected role as a philanthropist and humanitarian. 

Her large social media following is evidence that the allure and fascination of modern royals are as strong as ever, with this royal mother of two enjoying an enduring level of celebrity within popular culture, a position no doubt enhanced by her work as the face of luxury fashion brands such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel. 

Modern societies have changed dramatically since the earliest royals became celebrities within their local communities, and later within the wider world. And the celebrity royals of the 21st century may have more in common with the glamorous stars of stage and screen than the more traditional royals of centuries past. 

Yet the fascination with celebrity royals and their families is proof of the modern world’s continued enjoyment of behind-the-scenes peeks of royal living, particularly through the lives of popular members of the various sovereign dynasties of the world. 

The unique blend of social charm, royal tradition and luxury lifestyles is an irresistible mix that continues to captivate both the public and the media alike, and this trend of royal celebrity shows no signs of fading away any time soon.