Titles for Sale

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Yes, you can buy a Noble Title!

If you like to think you’re different to most people, you are probably going to like what you read here.

We have an extensive selection of exclusive titles for sale. Our titles are unique and genuine, presented with official supporting documents. What’s more, each title is hereditary, making it a priceless treasure for you nad your descendents!

They say variety is the spice of life, and our portfolio comprises 19 different titles to choose from, each providing the bearer with the subtle mark of success.

Imagine the possibilities! Nobody else offers more variety or choice, and we only offer the most exclusive and precious titles for sale. Escape the ordinary by choosing any one of our titles, from the coveted Lord and Lady, to the grandiose Prince and Princess Noble Titles.

We are also able to offer our exclusive clients rare titles and ranks such as Archduke and Archduchess, Grand Prince or Grand Princess, and Prince Elector.

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But the possibilities do not end there. If you fancy becoming a Baron, Count, Viscount, Marquis, Duke or Duchess, we can also help. The choice and quality of our titles are a level above any others available, enabling you to make a powerful statement in life.

Let’s be honest, what could be better than presenting yourself as a new member of the aristocracy, as nobility is more than ever the modern day status symbol.

Those who have a passionate love for life should be delighted – surely French champagne and Russian caviar taste better if the one who is enjoying it is an aristocrat?

These wonderful titles are a delightful keepsake and memorable present, and many people have purchased our titles as a gift, because it is a reflection of their good taste and judgement. Moreover, these gifted titles always bring out the best in others and yourself.

Every title for sale on our site comes with flawlessly finished Letters Patent, old maps, and masterfully crafted aristocratic decorations made from the finest materials available.

Now you can capture the full splendour of a better age and celebrate a tradition of elegance and glamour. Our offer has been created for those who view the world differently, for that special individual who loves the finest things in life.

The sale of titles has existed for generations, and we excel in this old and wonderful trade. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, as is the enjoyment of a lifetime…

After purchasing the title of your choice, you will be sent a luxurious Royal Title package with everything you need for the next steps in your aristocratic life. You will receive a hand signed Letters Patent that certifies the authenticity of your new title and displays the golden seal of the Kingdom.

In addition, you will receive a hand-signed Apostille from the Royal House of Pomerania, an ancient map of the Livonian empire, and the Secret Templar Oath which also features the Golden Seal. To make the transition to your new titled name easier, we also include an information guide offering helpful tips on how to legally add the title to your official personal and business documents.

As a noble title holder of the Kingdom you will also receive the historical medal, The Livonian Blue Max. Given to nobles of the Kingdom for centuries, this gorgeous gold and blue medal never fails to impress.

What Can I Expect?

Once you receive your noble title package you can legally add your new title to your name, and will then be able to add your new title to all official documents such as credit cards, bank accounts and your passport.

Many title holders have reported an increase in privileged treatment such as upgrades on flights and in hotels and access to exclusive restaurants and clubs. You can expect people to treat you differently when they see your noble title. While the attention you receive because of your title will vary depending on the situation and who you’re dealing with, you will undoubtedly have a conversation starter for any event.

Buying a Noble or Royal Title won’t instantly make you a different or better person. It will, however, give you the foundation you need to enjoy significant changes in your life. Be a part of something special today!

See what you receive…