Even in a staunchly democratic nation such as the United States, the appeal of royals and nobles has endured over the centuries. 

America’s history reflects the close connections between the pioneering explorers of Europe who founded the early colonies, and their deeply dutiful reverence for the monarchies and social systems of their homelands. 

While the United States evolved into a country founded on more egalitarian grounds, the age-old links with the historic social hierarchies have nevertheless survived in the hearts and minds of many modern Americans. 

It could even be argued that the unofficial social hierarchies of contemporary America can be likened to the systems of royals and nobility that evolved during the Middle Ages. The culture of celebrity and the might of political power have made kings and queens of many individuals in all but name. 

The fact that an American President’s daughter was known in the media and high-society circles as the American Princess reflects just how closely the unofficial social ranks are aligned with the ancient systems of nobles and royals and their families. 

Alice Roosevelt - the American Princess
Alice Roosevelt, the American Princess – Harris & Ewing, photographer, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

So, it’s possible to rise within the ranks of modern-day American society to become comparable to the aristocrats of the ages, but is it possible to acquire a genuine noble title, such as that of a Lord?

Is It Possible To Become A Lord In America? 

In modern American society, there is no system that grants official titles such as the noble or aristocratic ranks of Europe. So, there is no American title of Lord, or any other title of nobility, such as Count, Duke, Viscount or Baron. 

However, this doesn’t mean that American men can never acquire an official noble rank. 

Ways To Become An American Lord

There may be no such title as an American Lordship, yet it is still possible to become an American Lord, in the sense that they are a genuine Lord and were born in America. 

One of the classic ways for American men and women to acquire noble ranks and titles was to marry into the aristocratic families of Europe. While this has been a relatively straightforward way for women to ascend the social ranks and become genuine Ladies, Duchesses or even Princesses, this route is more complicated for men. 

In a twist on the usual implications of the laws of primogeniture – i.e. the rules that favour the male line – women can more easily marry into the noble ranks than men. Historically, when a woman marries a royal or noble  man, she acquires the female equivalent of the rank and title. However, the same is not always the case when men marry a royal or noble woman. 

So, while it may be possible for American men to marry their way to a lordship, it’s certainly not the most straightforward route. And while marriage may be a proven and enduring way to ascend the social ranks, it’s not always the ideal option. It’s also increasingly unlikely in today’s society. 

Fortunately, there’s another option for American men who aspire to the noble ranks and are keen to become genuine aristocrats with a title such as a lordship. This route may be more familiar and appealing to modern minds, and it’s the simple strategy of buying the title of Lord

Buying A Title Of Lord

While it may not be a well-known practice, it’s possible for American citizens to purchase a legitimate royal or noble title from a country that still has a formal system of royalty or nobility. 

This option may not be the classic way to rise the social ranks, yet it has been the chosen route for many great nobles throughout the ages – those who weren’t to be held back by the origin of their birth and who sought out commercial ways to elevate their social status and that of their families. 

Buying a title such as a lordship is still an option today, and it’s one that an increasing number of successful and socially ambitious men are choosing, in order to secure a whole range of benefits and advantages. 

The Benefits Of Becoming A Lord

For some, the appeal of becoming a lord is in the links to history and joining the legendary noble families of the ages. Yet, there’s no doubt that elevating your social status with an aristocratic title can play an inspiring and advantageous role in many aspects of everyday life. 

Booking a table in a restaurant, a seat on a plane, or a room in a hotel could become a much more interesting experience when you have a formal noble title. 

While many establishments may claim there are no official policies for giving preferential treatment to nobles and aristocrats, there’s no doubt that the individuals who appoint seating and rooms are very often intrigued by those with titles such as Lord or Lady, and they’ll most likely be keen to impress their esteemed guests. 

Becoming a lord could also prove to be a sound business investment. Investors, customers, financial institutions and the media tend to have more time and respect for individuals who represent an above-the-ordinary social standing. 

In this way, acquiring a noble title can go beyond the historic connections and the lifestyle upgrades, it may serve as a valuable and influential way of securing higher calibre business deals and preferential financial arrangements. 

Of course, the purchasing of any kind of noble title can’t guarantee fame and fortune, but there’s no denying that even in modern minds, the appeal of centuries of history and glamour may give those with a noble title an edge in the business world. 

The pioneering spirit of American men is famed throughout the world, and it’s a quality that many US citizens are intensely proud of. So for those who recognise the appeal and advantages of becoming a lord or noble of some kind, it’s certainly possible to choose this unusual route to improve their social standing and their place in the world. 

Making your own luck is a core theme in the history of America, and it’s possible to follow this philosophy to take advantage of the rare opportunities to become a genuine lord, even as an American citizen.