Become a Lord or a Lady

How to Become a Lord or Lady & 3 Key Benefits

Ever wishes you had a Lord or Lady title? Perhaps you’ve seen the lifestyles of those who possess Lord and Lady titles and wondered how you can achieve the same? A lordship title could certainly open the door to a more lavish lifestyle – here are just some of the benefits you might experience from ownership of a Lord or lady title.

1. Fancy stuff. Some of us are only in it for the nice shiny things. Fortunately, these benefits come with the title of Lord or Lady. A Lady or Lord title from The Grand Duchy of Pomerania and Livonia not only comes with a top-quality medal of our Noble Order, but also elaborate, traditional-styled documents declaring your new ‘elevated status’, and detailing your knightly oaths of gallant behaviour. Furthermore, you’re provided with a guide as to how to go about adding your new title to documents such as your passport, credit cards, and driving licence. That’s right: your new title can be used on your legal documents!

2. Social status.

Man wearing smart business attire to go with his new Lord title.

Others amongst us are more concerned with the intangible benefits: social status, the admiration – and maybe jealously – of our friends and family or work colleagues, and the awe-struck respect of people at the check-in desk when they see your Lady or Lord title on your bank account details. Imagine going into a restaurant and seeing the waiter’s eyes pop as he sees the word ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’ before your name; aren’t you likely to receive a complimentary glass of champagne, because of it? Perhaps it’d be easier to get an upgrade in a hotel or on an airplane, if the staff see Lord or Lady titles on your passport.

3. Being a snob. Undoubtedly, some of us want to take it all a step further and annoy the heck out of friends, family or work colleagues with our outrageously snobbish behaviour, on account of our new elite titles. Perhaps you’re being pestered for the umpteenth time to keep your feet off the sofa. Your reply: ‘How very dare you! I am a Prince, and will do as I please. Now fetch me that caviar, commoner.’ Perhaps your boss is giving you grief for not knowing the right Excel formula. Reply: ‘Silence! Do not usurp your station. And from now on you shall refer to me only as Her Grace the Duchess of Pomerania and Livonia. Check out my medal.’ Perhaps you rather like the idea of deserving a special announcement every time you walk into your local pub. ‘Commonfolk! Stand aside for His Royal Highness, the Prince of X!’. The opportunities are innumerable.

Considered altogether, it has to be said that the two hundred euros charged by the Grand Duchy represent a good deal. A small outlay for a lifetime of majesty.

The 4 different options for becoming a Lord:

Option One: Be Born With a Silver Spoon in Your Mouth

Enter the world with a silver spoon in your mouth, which is to say, be the child of a hereditary aristocratic family. Such titles are usually very old: for example, those in the UK that were created by William the Conqueror, who invaded England in 1066 and established the royal line that continues to today. You might even inherit a courtesy title if you’re the eldest son or daughter of a Duke, Marquess or Earl as was the case with Lady Diana Spencer, daughter of The Earl of Spencer.

Option Two: Hitch Yourself to the Golden Carriage

This would be when there’s a possibility of marrying into the nobility. Take the recent example of Kate Middleton, who went from being, well, Kate, to being Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge.

Option Three: Do Something Admirable:

1. Become a Hero


Many of our greatest military heroes have been knighted. Distinguish yourself in the service of your country and your chances of being awarded a title in the next Honours List could increase dramatically. If you’re not one of these outstanding servicemen and women, you can choose a risk-free route and a guaranteed Lordship or Ladyship with a purchase from our impressive range of authentic titles. Of course, we are also delighted to help members of the armed forces become a Lady or Lord immediately.

2. Make Earning a Title your Life’s Work

A lifetime of achievement is often rewarded with a peerage. The Queen’s New Year and Birthday Honours lists feature people from a wide range of backgrounds, meaning individuals from all sorts of backgrounds have a chance of landing a title. Some of the most famous from the worlds of sport and entertainment include Sir Elton John, Sir Mick Jagger, Sir Bradley Wiggins and Sir David Beckham, as well as entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson and Sir Alan Sugar. You’ll have to distinguish yourself in your chosen field, and a ‘lifetime achievement’ often means just that – expect to be rewarded for your efforts in 20 to 40 years.

Option Four: Purchase

For those of us who are not ‘to the manor born’, or haven’t convinced an aristocrat to marry us, or don’t quite have the status of national heroes or heroines – which is to say, for the vast majority of us – there is, believe it or not, hope yet. If none of the above options apply to you and your ambitions of becoming a lady or lord seem dashed, hold on.

The purchase of Lordships and Ladyships is a safe and traditional method of becoming a Lord. It does not matter whether you desire your Lordship just for show, sheer vanity, or out of romanticism and love for flag and country. You can become a Lady or Lord today by clicking our buy button now! It’s as simple as that, risk-free, and straightforward.

Why would you want to become a Lord or Lady?

In short, it’s fun. Imagine the look on your friends’ faces when you’re announced as Lady or Lord at your next school reunion or the respect that you’re suddenly given in top hotels or restaurants. You’re almost certain to get VIP treatment in clubs and be added to guest lists for top events. After all, everyone loves a Lord or Lady.

Everybody loves being treated to complimentary products and services, and if you’ve signed yourself in as Lady or Lord, many businesses will automatically upgrade you or provide all manner of ‘comped’ benefits. First-class seats, better rooms – the possibilities are endless. You can add your new title to your papers, chequebooks, debit cards and visas and you can use it to sign guest books and make appointments right away.

Use your new title and power wisely and honestly, however – your new status won’t protect you if you decide to use these titles to commit fraud, escape legal obligations or purport to be a government peer.

What are the steps to be a lord or lady? How easy it is?

It’s incredibly easy and can be successfully accomplished in 5 simple steps:

1. Pay for the title securely through PayPal
2. Choose the title Lord of Lady, whichever you want
3. Fill in the form
4. Wait for the arrival of our Luxury Title Package and Medal
5. Enjoy your title and your new elevated, aristocratic status

Do you want to become a Lady to obtain an advantageous marriage?

Increase the chances of marrying someone from the aristocracy, attract back a lost love who will now be impressed by your new social status, or enter into a relationship with a wealthy professional – these are just a few of the many reasons why some intelligent women might wish to become titled ladies. The power of achieving instant nobility can be a highly attractive quality, and dramatically enhances your chances of improved prospects through social advancement, relations or marriage.

Romantic Reasons to be a Lord or Lady

Those Special Occasions

Romantic couple enjoying their Lady & Lord titles.

Our titles are one of the most classically romantic and elegant gifts for couples with good taste who like to feel different from others. Birthdays and anniversaries are some of the many occasions when receiving a transfusion of blue blood and becoming a member of the highest nobility in Europe is always going to be welcome.

Retrieve a Lost Love or Heal a Relationship

Sometimes an unusual, yet perfect gift such as the noble title of Lord or Lady may heal a relationship, help in retrieving a lost love, or break the ice to recover the friendship of someone important to you.

Become a Lord or Lady means Money, Luck and Success

Social hypocrisy and political correctness often prohibit us from talking about the real reasons that lie behind the behaviour of successful people. People might not be quick to admit it but a common reason to become a lord or lady is often out of a desire to climb the social ladder at full speed. But the truth is that many have done it in the past with notable success, and people are doing it right now and will continue to do so in the future – with an almost guaranteed favourable outcome.

Many people in the real world claim that being a lord or a lady may mean that you will always have more chances of being famous, finding a better job, being more popular, having more friends, being heard more easily, setting up a successful business quickly, getting more credit in banks and financial institutions, and in general having more luck and success in the material side of life, in addition to the pleasure of causing envy and jealousy in others. If you are one of the few who know how to be smart and grasp this chance of a better life, you know what you have to do. Your Luxury Title Package, which could effectively be a master title deed for your new, enriched life, is just a click away. Become a Lord or Lady today by clicking the button below.

This is a great opportunity, and we have the largest collection of titles for sale on the internet.

Now, you can buy your Lordship or Ladyship online and become one of those great aristocrats. The choice, as usual, is only yours.

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