Of all the many different types of aristocratic ranks and noble titles, there are some popular titles that capture the imagination of people from all walks of life. 

One of the most popular and intriguing titles of nobility is that of a knight – addressed as Sir – or the female equivalent, which is a Dame. 

A Sir or Dame title is a captivating aristocratic rank which are customarily known as knighthoods and damehoods, and they’re as fascinating and intriguing in modern times as they have historically been over the many centuries past. 

Knights & Dames & Luxury Lifestyles

Throughout the development of the aristocracy, which began to emerge as a formal social hierarchy in medieval times, the roles and ranks of knights and their dames have played a starring role in many royal realms around the world. 

Traditionally, knights were the close guardians or military champions of high-ranking royals and their families. A knighthood was an honour awarded in recognition of their outstanding service, and these noble warriors were granted access to the elite social circles of royalty and the nobility. 

While the lifestyles of knights have changed dramatically over the centuries, this esteemed noble rank has always held a place within the most lavish lifestyles of the aristocracy. 

Enjoying the status of a knight would often open doors and grant access to the glittering world of high society, along with all the privileges and benefits that such a world offers. Grand society balls, weekends at vast country estates, the esteem of ordinary working people – these are the kinds of advantages that knights, nobles and aristocrats have enjoyed throughout the ages. 

Becoming A Knight – A Modern Fairytale

For those not born into the noble families of old, there is a popular dream that one day, it might be possible to be knighted or become a dame and join the ranks of other aristocrats. 

Perhaps you’ve daydreamed about the way life might change and doors might open up for you if you had the title Dame or Sir. It’s a modern fairytale to rise from the everyday world to the realms of lavish luxury and opulent living – the kind of lifestyle that captivates people the whole world over. 

So, it’s not surprising that many people are curious about the ways it might be possible to join these esteemed noble ranks and to enjoy life from the upper echelons of the social charter. 

Traditional Ways To Become A Sir

In times past, there were a number of ways that someone could rise to the ranks of nobility and become a genuine knight. 

During the centuries of the Middle Ages, one of the most common ways to acquire a knighthood or any noble rank was to be ‘ennobled’ by a king or queen or reigning sovereign. 

This process was quite simple – a monarch decided that a certain loyal subject’s service meant they deserve a new noble rank or title, and they would grant the title of choice to the person in question. 

For example, a monarch may decide that one of her favourite guardians had proven his unfailing loyalty, and awards him a knighthood as a token of her appreciation. This would allow the lucky recipient to be known as Sir in all social circles, and his wife would also be known as a Dame. 

Modern Knighthoods

In more recent times, knighthoods have been granted by modern monarchs as part of the Honours Lists. These are formal events where people from all backgrounds and social classes are recognised for their achievements and awarded an official knighthood or damehood by the king or queen. 

A famous example of this is the New Year’s Honours List issued by the late Queen Elizabeth of England, which was famous for rewarding ordinary people who had devoted a lifetime of service to areas such as sport, business, politics, entertainment and the arts.

These honours are highly sought after and only ever issued at the discretion of the monarch – as such they are social accolades that money just can’t buy.  

An Alternative Route To A Knighthood

These ancient and established routes to becoming a knight may be long gone opportunities or only available for a select few, but if you still have dreams of attaining a noble rank and becoming a sir – there’s a little-known opportunity available to you. 

It is possible to simply purchase a genuine title of nobility that grants you the status of a knighthood and allows you to officially become a sir. 

You may be wondering how this is possible as a genuine opportunity and it’s a good question to ask. But the fact is that there are still royal realms in the world that possess these titles, or families that have decided to sell their official claims to a hereditary rank, and as a result, these kinds of titles become available to purchase. 

This kind of transaction is subject to some complex legalities and criteria, but there are reputable agents and high-quality providers who ensure all this paperwork is handled for you. 

The complexities of the process, along with an esteemed genuine aristocratic rank, is what you are paying for when you buy titles such as a knighthood or damehood from one of the few high-calibre companies that offer these titles of nobility. 

So the prospect of buying a knighthood is a very real possibility, even in the modern world, and as long as you choose a reputable agent, it’s a genuine opportunity that could make a real difference to your social standing as well as your personal sense of identity. 

Imagine the benefits of being a knight – having people address you with your official new title of Sir So-&-So, and how others will perhaps have more time, interest and respect for you and your family. 

These are just a few of the benefits that could be available when you join the ranks of the nobility – and once you’ve found the right agents, it’s as easy as making a simple purchase online. 

So, if you don’t want to wait on a great nomination to the cabinet office and would like to fast-track your entry to a new world of aristocratic living, the simple and easy route to becoming a sir may be just a couple of clicks away. 

Then you can get back to that exciting fairytale vision of becoming a knight in your own right, only this time, you’ve taken fate into your own hands and created your own Happy Ever After ending in the form of an impressive and fascinating new social rank.