The glittering world of the aristocracy has captivated people all around the world for centuries, and many people have dreamed of what it might be like to live in this exclusive order of society, enjoying the status of noble titles such as knights and dames. 

Becoming A Member Of The Nobility

There’s something fascinating about these intriguing ranks of nobility, the realm of high-society events, personal influence in the corridors of power, not to mention the fabulous homes and lavish lifestyles that are synonymous with members of the aristocracy. 

So, it’s not surprising that many people from all walks of life are curious about how they might join this mesmerising social order. For many of the ordinary people of contemporary society – those not born into royal circles or inheriting noble lineages – it’s fun to imagine how it might be possible to ascend the social ladder and become part of the established nobilities of the world. 

Throughout history, this type of personal ambition and drive for advancement has played out in the form of devoted royal subjects appealing to their sovereigns and being rewarded with aristocratic ranks and titles of nobility such as duke and duchess, lord and lady, count and countess, sir and dame etc…

There have also been occasions when enterprising individuals have taken their fate and fortunes into their own hands and found commercial ways to enter the dazzling world of the nobility, by purchasing genuine noble titles and securing a new noble lineage for their family and descendants. 

Becoming A Noblewoman

These historic routes of ‘ennoblement’ have traditionally been the practice of the male members of society, the fathers, brothers, husbands and sons who have sought and established a new social elevation in their name, one that the female members of the family also get to enjoy through their association and family connection. 

Yet in the modern world, ambitious and independent female members of society are also looking for ways to enjoy a similar level of social cachet in their own right, on their own terms, and without needing fathers or husbands to determine their rank in the social hierarchy. 

If you’re one of these self-driven females wondering just how it might be possible to become a genuine aristocrat, or you know a woman who would love to join the ranks of the famous and fabulous nobility, there is good news. 

It’s possible for modern women to elevate their status and join the nobles and aristocrats of the world, and one of the simplest and most popular ways is to become a dame, i.e. to acquire the noble title known as a damehood – the female equivalent of a knighthood. 

Becoming A Dame

The traditional route to becoming a dame would be through a connection, usually marriage, to a man bearing the noble titles of knight or baronet. 

While these titles were historically some of the most popular titles within the aristocratic hierarchy, this route to becoming a dame was limited to the rank of one’s husband. 

So, for many centuries the way to acquire the title of dame was to marry a man with the equivalent male title and status, or to be married to a man who acquired the relevant rank, and then become a legitimate dame by default. 

While this was the route for many women, it was also one with limited availability – eligible knights and baronets may not have been as prevalent as many aspiring dames would perhaps have liked. It also required a significant commitment, i.e. marriage. 

In recent times, there has been another route to becoming a dame, one which was much more accessible to women from all walks of life, and didn’t require any kind of romantic alliance or lifelong commitment. 

This is the well-known approach of giving outstanding service and making a major contribution within society, so that your efforts are recognised by the reigning monarch and the honours committee, and you are rewarded with a genuine noble title, usually from the Orders of Knighthoods and Damehoods of the relevant country. 

This is a pathway taken by many great and successful modern women, those who have devoted their lives to a certain calling or career, one that has benefited society in a particularly impressive or valuable way. 

These women, elevated by the king or queen’s honours list, have achieved their noble status through works in diverse fields ranging from the arts, sport, science, medicine, humanitarianism, business, and politics. 

A Fast Track To Becoming A Dame

The pursuit of a damehood from one of the few remaining Orders is undoubtedly a worthy calling, and it’s also one that is, in theory, available to anyone, regardless of their lineage or social status.

Yet, this modern route to the realm of nobility requires a lifetime of public service and a great nomination in recognition of this. It’s also highly unpredictable, as the women chosen for these great honours are selected at the discretion of the king or queen who issues them – the women themselves have no control over when, or even if, they will be granted a damehood. 

Fortunately, there’s another way for modern women to take their social status into their own hands and carve out a fast track to acquiring a genuine damehood. This is the same approach used by many of the great noblemen of the ages, the ones who didn’t let a humble birth stop them from rising within the aristocracy and securing a new life and legacy for themselves by gaining a knighthood and the title Sir. 

This is the thoroughly modern and democratic approach to becoming a genuine member of the nobility and that’s the little-known opportunity of purchasing a damehood. 

There are many reasons why modern women might choose this exciting and potentially life-changing option – from the many social advantages that such an intriguing title can bring, to the new self-confidence and self-esteem that would naturally accompany this type of social elevation. 

So, it’s great news that buying a damehood is totally legal, relatively simple and best of all, available to absolutely anyone who values this kind of personal elevation. 

All it takes is a little research to find the specialist agents who are experts at sourcing and selling these genuine titles of nobility, and taking the simple steps to purchase the appropriate title. You won’t have the same fancy investiture ceremony of the sir or dame who has given years of service, but you can shortcut the process and secure your own kinghood or damehood.

Then you can look forward to the delightful benefits of becoming a dame, and start to imagine how your new life will look and feel, now that you have joined the ranks of the historic and endlessly fascinating realm of aristocrats and nobles.