The USA is renowned throughout the world as one of the great modern republics. After the nation declared its independence from British sovereign rule on the 4th of July 1776, America went on to become one of the leading global powers, most notably without a monarchy. 

So America may not be the place many people would expect to find significant numbers of royal residents. After all, with no king, queen or royal family of its own, and no history of official royalty for hundreds of years, it may seem that the USA wouldn’t be the obvious choice to find today’s royals and nobles. 

Yet, modern-day America is home to a surprising number of royal men and women and their families – despite America’s status as a republic i.e., ruled by a democratic government, rather than a sovereign ruler. Or in some cases, it may be the very absence of a regal tradition or monarchy that is the attraction for emigrating royals. 

How Many Royals Are There In The USA? 

The number of royals living in America varies constantly, as some of the stateside resident royals move back to their home nations or elsewhere in the world, and yet others leave their countries behind to embark on a new way of life in the USA. 

It’s also difficult to know the precise number of royals living anywhere, for a number of reasons. 

Royal Homes Around The World

Firstly, many royals have a number of residences that they travel between on a regular basis. While some may be cited as their official home, it’s very common for those with multiple houses to spend long periods of time in their other locations. 

This may be for family reasons or ambassadorial duties. Or in the case of younger royals coming of age, they may choose to live in a foreign country to study at university or continue their education. 

Some of these stints in the USA may be temporary – a way to broaden their horizons or experience other cultures before returning to their royal duties. Whereas other royals may decide to stay in their new nation home, or they had intended a permanent move all along. 

Royal Retreats & Privacy

In recent times, a number of royals have chosen to live in countries such as America that do not have a strong tradition of royalty and all the expectations that go along with it. 

Royals seeking to step away from their regal status may find it easier to live a ‘normal life’ as a private citizen in a country that doesn’t have the culture associated with a sovereign ruler and the hierarchy of royalty, succession and centuries-old constitutional laws that comes with being part of a monarchy. 

Some modern royals choose to live in America because they feel it affords a degree of privacy that they can’t enjoy in their native countries. This requirement of privacy and living away from the glare of the public eye is another reason why it’s difficult to say how many royals there are living in America – precisely because they prefer to keep their residential status private, or to keep themselves away from the limelight. 

Career Royals In America

While some royals move to America to enjoy quieter lives, there are a considerable number of European, Asian and African royals who head to the USA to further their careers. 

While the need to make their fortune is often less of a priority for many wealthy royals, some are so devoted to their career paths or vocational aspirations that they’re drawn more by the opportunities and connections that only America can provide. 

The USA is home to some of the global centers of excellence in a wide range of industries and sectors, and as such, those who want to work in these fields may feel called to base their careers in America. 

For example, the USA has long been renowned as a thriving hub of the modern art world and the latest technology. This may have been the attraction for the modern British royals Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice who both moved to America to pursue their careers. Princess Eugenie spent a number of years based in the states working in New York’s thriving art scene, while her sister Princess Beatrice also headed to America to pursue her career in technology.  

Beatrice (right) with her sister Eugenie at Trooping the Colour, June 2013
Beatrice (right) with her sister Eugenie at Trooping the Colour, June 2013 – Carfax2, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Royal Living In The USA

Some royals who choose to live in America do so in a bid to move away from their royal lives. However, a number of modern royals are happy to maintain and enjoy their royal status and traditional roles in the upper echelons of society, yet they simply choose to do so in the USA. 

While America may not have an official monarchy or social structures based around a royal hierarchy, the culture of royalty still has much appeal for many Americans. This popularity and social currency can make the USA an appealing place to live for those royals who enjoy their eminent status, and when it comes to glitz, glamor and luxury, America can compete with even the grandest royal residences and ceremonies around the world. 

As one of the world’s more advanced and powerful nations, it’s perhaps not surprising that those with the means and the desire choose to play their royal roles in some of the most desirable locations, and for many, this includes the United States

Whether it’s the culture of commerce, arts and society in New York, the corridors of power in Washington, or the sunshine luxury lifestyles of California, America holds great appeal for many around the globe, and that includes members of the world’s royal families.

So even though it’s impossible to say with any degree of certainty precisely how many members of royalty choose to make America their home, it’s clear that there’s a strong trend for the world’s royals to sample the American way of life. Whether they’re seeking contrast to their nation’s royal traditions, an escape from unwelcome attention, or simply to sample the many delights the USA has to offer, the popularity of American living still draws many from all around the world – including those with kingdoms of their own.