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The Grand Dukedom of Pomerania and Livonia has a wide variety of Royal Titles. The ranking system is the traditional Grand Duchy, the same that has been in force continuously over four hundred years, combining honors systems of different dynasties that ruled these territories throughout our history. Some of the Royal Titles have no equivalent in other European systems, but they are proper and peculiar to the Grand Duchy.

All titles are hereditary and all owners are registered with the Roll of the Aristocracy of the Grand Duchy, being issued an ownership certificate with the Livonian Black Eagles to that effect.

In addition to the charters of each royal title, you will receive other important documents and the award of the Blue Max, all contained in a red burgundy folder decorated with stunning traditional heraldic designs of the Grand Duchy.

We can offer a number of Royal Titles to choose. Please select one of the options to the right of this text to choose the type of Royal Title you require.


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