Count or Countess


Who wants to become a Count or Countess?

Should you wish to enjoy something special, please let us treat you to some superior perks and become a Count or Countess.

You will be privy to a new world of exclusivity, as a member in good standing of the oldest European nobility. Who does not want to enjoy the special privileges associated to be a Count or Countess? Who doesn’t want to join this very select group?

It is no secret that persons with Titles always get the very best in life. Recent research shows that Titled people are always more successful in everything they do.

Let's face it: to be a Count or Countess is a good thing, and it is not every day that you can get a Title such as this so easily thanks to our top rated services.

If you wish to maximize your personal image, a Count or Countess Title maybe the right option for the discriminating few.

Count or Countess of Pomerania and Livonia:
(Graf von Pommern und Livonien in German)

It is an Ancient German Royal Title, meaning “Delegate or Companion of the Emperor”. It comes with the complimentary extra appointment of Captain of the Jaegers of Pomerania and Livonia and Knight or Lady of the Sacred and Military Order of Merit of Pomerania and Livonia. As all our packages it comes with the beautiful and luxurious Blue & Gold Neck Medal of Merit of Livonia, the Livonian Blue Max.


What do I receive?

  • Hand Signed Letters Patent with the Magnificent Golden Seal of the Kingdom
  • Hand Signed and Sealed Certificate of Authenticity
  • Hand Signed and Sealed Apostille of the Kingdom
  • Hand Signed Letters Patent as a Knight Templar of Livonia
  • Secret Templar Oath with the Golden Seal of the Kingdom
  • Always included our impressive Blue & Gold Neck Medal with Blue Ribbon
  • Ancient Map of the Livonian Empire in French-Baltic Antique Style
  • Ownership Certificate with the Imperial Livonian Black Eagles
  • Impressive Red Burgundy Folder containing our Guide to use your noble title and to add it to credit cards, bank accounts, chequebooks and much more. It also contains a Master Title Deed for free to change your name if you so wish
  • All Letter Patents are contained in the Luxurious Noble Title Package Folder, in French-Baltic Antique Style

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