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Buying a Title of Nobility by Private Sale is something many people desire.

If you are here, reading this article, then you have been selected to pay attention to the great news and info that you will see here. Success starts with a different attitude to life. Titles may not be for everyone, and we are the first in understanding this. However, if you are one of those winners that never quits, have a rooted interest in royalty, traditional attitudes, and like the essential spirit of the nobility, you may be one of those privileged ones who wants and needs to buy a title of nobility.

How to buy a Title

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To buy a title through our website couldn’t be easier. With the touch of a button you can buy one of our titles, from Lord or Lady to Prince or Princess or even more, as we have also some special Titles and ranks that no one else in the entire World can offer.

All our titles are hereditary and can be passed on to your descendants!

We must say that we have always liked charm and grandeur. If you also like luxurious things, the titles you can buy through us could be convenient for you. Our Glossy and Imposing Letters Patent, our specially commissioned decorations, always included in all our title packages, and the elegantly handcrafted folders that contain our precious set of documents will amaze you. We even provide our dear friends and clients with Master Titled Deeds for their convenience, should they wish to change their names and add their titles to Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Chequebooks, and many other documents.

If you buy a title with us, you will always get the beautiful Livonian Blue Max, a God and Blue Enamel Medal. This is a Gem-Like, Glittering Medal, with the decadent touch of a glint of gold.

We have had hundreds of satisfied and happy clients from all the world. Many of them buy them for show purposes, others for their own aristocratic pleasure, and many others as gifts for their boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, and families. Our titles have proved to be excellent gifts for almost any occasion. Our Titles have a high quality, and this suits the style of even the most exigent buyers. This is one of the reasons of our success.

Not all our customers have been happy with our titles, but we can affirm that most of them have been very satisfied with them. In fact, the big majority of our clients think that our titles are a sheer bliss, a true delight, something that satisfies that hunger we all have for something new and different. This fact is proved beyond doubt by the fact that many of our preferred customers always buy again titles from us for their friends and relatives.

Our website is held in high regard and enjoys a huge following among some outstanding people!

You should buy from us, because our titles are:


How is it Possible for Me to Become a Lord?

Becoming a Lord is as simple as purchasing the title and waiting for the luxurious noble title package to arrive in the mail. Inside you will find a plethora of information to help you legally add the title to your name, bank account and other important documents such as your passport, Credit Cards, etc.

Think your friends and the bank won't believe that you now carry a noble title in your name? Fair enough. For this reason you will send a few documents to authenticate your title in the noble title package you will receive. You can expect a Letter Patent, with the golden seal of the Kingdom as well as a hand-signed letter of authenticity and an Apostille of the Kingdom, both of which arrive sealed. You will also get the impressive Livonian Blue Max medal, a historical merit medal awarded to nobleman of the Kingdom.

To be a Lord is Prestigious Seriously?

Well, other than having the distinct honor of getting announced as a Lord at all future functions and events, you can also expect a certain degree of attention, especially from those in the service industry. Checking into your hotel, boarding an airplane, and waiting for a table at the fancy restaurant down the street will never be quite the same again.

People don't like to take chances and when they see that you are a Lord, they will ensure that you have the best possible service and experience possible. If those kind of perks long-term enough for you, the title is fully inheritable as well. You can pass on the Lord Title and benefits to all your noble offspring. So, now you are a Lord, and you can enjoy it to the full.


What do I receive?

  • Hand Signed Letters Patent with the Magnificent Golden Seal of the Kingdom
  • Hand Signed and Sealed Certificate of Authenticity
  • Hand Signed and Sealed Apostille of the Kingdom
  • Hand Signed Letters Patent as a Knight Templar of Livonia
  • Secret Templar Oath with the Golden Seal of the Kingdom
  • Always included our impressive Blue & Gold Neck Medal with Blue Ribbon
  • Ancient Map of the Livonian Empire in French-Baltic Antique Style
  • Ownership Certificate with the Imperial Livonian Black Eagles
  • Impressive Red Burgundy Folder containing our Guide to use your noble title and to add it to credit cards, bank accounts, chequebooks and much more. It also contains a Master Title Deed for free to change your name if you so wish
  • All Letter Patents are contained in the Luxurious Noble Title Package Folder, in French-Baltic Antique Style

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