Becoming a Lord or Lady

Who could say no to the opportunity to become a Lord or Lady? It is true that it takes more than talent to be a Lord or Lady. It is also true that not everybody would like to achieve a Lordship or Ladyship Title. Nobility is not for everyone, but most of us love it.

Following the old-world customs, if you are not already distinguished with a title, you can only become a lord or lady if you marry someone who is already the holder of such a dignity, and hope you do not get divorced and lose the title, or if you are ready to spend fabulous sums of money in charity so the politicians propose you for an honour.

Other option is to become a hero and distinguish yourself with heroic and military deeds, and pray to god almighty that you do not get killed in action, and return safe to your home and survive to tell the tale. Then you might be rewarded with a lord or lady title, or not, and all would have been in vain.

The purchase of Lordships and Ladyships is the most safe and traditional method of becoming a Lord. It does not matter whether you wish your Lordship just for show purposes, sheer vanity, out of romanticism and love for flag and country, or any other reason.

Some believe a Lordship Title may give you a new approach to life and obtain preferential and VIP treatment everywhere. Others just collect Titles for the pure pleasure of it. Some think they will have better prospects for marriage, will travel with more style, will have more credit from Banking Institutions, or simply want to enhance their personal image or build up their public profiles.

The only important thing is that you do not use these titles to commit fraud or purport to be a government peer.

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